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Schwarz Anfassen (kirei_miyavi) wrote,
@ 2003-01-27 16:45:00
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    Current mood:blah

    Ok, here it is. You get a sneak preview of sorts. Once again, this is the english translation. However, this was written in Japanese first, rather than having been translated from English to Japanese. Therefore, it has lost quite a bit of its original meaning. This song is also sexual, in case you hadn't figured that out by the title...if you even understood it that is >.>

    In a night full of passion
    Heated kisses burn
    My body screaming for your touch
    Giving me ecstasy

    Your touch runs like liquid fire
    Waking my desire
    Hot mouth trailing a fevered neck
    Claiming me for your own

    A questing mouth finds its mark
    Hands roaming my body
    Shivering at the touch of cool air
    Across sensitive skin

    Always constantly craving
    My hands explore you
    Making you moan in ecstasy
    While questing hands make you hard

    Drive me to full completion
    Blinding ecstasy
    Take me in this passionate night
    Thrusting harder, faster

    Carnal desire driving on
    Carry me away
    Take me hard and fast without care
    Giving pleasure with pain

    Held tight in your hot embrace
    Breathing hard and fast
    A heated whisper in my ear
    Throws me into ecstasy

    Heated kisses cooling off
    Passion waning
    Giving way to lethargy
    Heavy hand on my breast

    Take me hand and fast
    Thrusting deep inside
    Finding your release
    Give me more

    Pure ecstasy

    ...please don't ask me what had gotten into me when I wrote this >

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