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ashley (kirby_athena) wrote,
@ 2003-10-20 10:26:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:NickelBack- Someday

    just alittle note.
    i finally finished this poem i was writing so i thought i would share with you guys. the subject is alittle out of date so bare with it. here we go:

    FED UP

    do not cry, for you tears phase me not
    do not see, for the fire in my eyes makes me hot
    do not speak, for your words pour out lies
    do not touch, for the feeling is blocked by my cries

    do not wonder, because your thoughts are imaginary
    do not look, for your face is oh so scary
    do not fly, for your hate keeps you on the ground
    do not hear, for you can not hear a sound

    only sit, because you stand for nothing
    only feel, cause you are no where near loving
    only stare, still as an ancient statue
    only love, because sadly i'm not mad at you

    i'm fed up because you don't understand me
    i'm fed up cause i'm not what i really can be
    i'm fed up cause i can't stop thinking about you
    and your fed up because you can't stop thinking about me too!

    ok that's it. over all i'm alittle upset becuase april's grandmother bean died. i knew her. things happen for a reason and i guess god said it was her time to go. i guess he would want her close to him and i can't blame him. i hope where ever she is, she is looking down on us and smiling.

    i need to get a life. i'm just really...whatever today. i guess i'll go and do...stuff. bye people

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