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[NORTH];;STAR* (killyour_tv) wrote,
@ 2003-10-30 18:03:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:things you never knew existed-Over It

    your eyes, they shine
    blah becca is in love with my dad.

    anyhoo. yeah so about the whole emily missing thing, well it gets worse. apparently she has to live in a foster home now. pretty lame. i guess she'd be better of there without me and a few other people who are friends with her. she might not get into so much trouble. sad. i had to leave home early on monday when i found out about it because i was heart broken and couldnt make it through the day without crying my eyes out. oh yes, also, on tuesday joey got in a fight with chody. not at school though, at their bus stop. i got to school and becca was like "HOLY SHIT LAUREN joey and chody got in a fight! chodys not at school because joey broke his nose!" god joey cant keep himself out of trouble. but the worst part of it is that he has to go to caldwell academy now. so in two days, i lost my best friend and the guy i like. freakin a i cant even believe how much that sucks. i called him yesterday...wowza. i cant believe i had the balls to do that, because when it comes to men i am quite i shy girl. im not sure if i like him that much anymore though...i've met someone new...someone nicer lol because joey isnt exactly the nicest person ever. the kid im talking about rides the elevator with me at school. har har har. oh man the other day we got caught! and there was like a shit load of kids in there man! it was crazy!

    tomorrow is halloween and i have no clue what im doing. me and meghan were supposed to go to megans house but her mom DOUBLE grounded her. pretty fucked up. so i gotta call meghan later when she gets back from work so we can figure stuff out, because if megan seriously cant do anything, we'll hang out or somethin. i hope i get to go trick or treating<3 anyhoo.

    ohhhh on saturday im get to hang out with my cool new friend sara. shes one of the funniest people ive ever met. shes a horrible driver okay im leaving bye kiddies


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