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Don (killtheking) wrote,
@ 2003-12-18 14:55:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Chimaira - Army of Me

    Been a few days.
    Haven't posted in a while... but thats because I've felt the need to be reclusive, haha. Wasn't on AIM or anything either. But, now that I've gotten that out of my system...

    Probably gonna practice with Tom and Kolt later today, as his party is tommorow. Speaking of which, I gotta burn the drum tracks... At 3:30 I'm going with Fletch and Steve to Denny's to kill some time.

    Trying to stay up for a while (woke up around midnight last night) so I can fix my sleeping pattern up a bit... Being completely nocturnal does have drawbacks. Though, this time if year, its extremely easy... 16hrs of darkness... or something near that. Seems like it if it isn't. Not ot mention, the daylight savings time makes it worse. Completely dark by 5pm, so by 7, you think its like 1am... Not that I mind the dark... I think, I just hate winter, haha.

    Been playing Fallout Tactics a bit lately, and I have to say its a fun game. Gets a little repetative at times though. I was looking for a good mass killing game though. Very good stress releif to blow through a crowd of raiders with a bigass gun. Works for me anyway.

    Welp, I want to shower before I leave, so gonna go do that now.

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