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Caroline (killlingbliss) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 11:45:00
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    I have update this shit in like forever its fun though because i am on it like everynight looking at my friends shit which is like always up dated you know well its only one week away till i go to cali i can't wait and i can in so many ways so taylor all told me the other night how he doesn't want to have sex which is like the biggest worry over my mind you know because like now i know he isn't going to be puting any presure on me you know what i mean i know he isn't a bad guy or even a bad boyfriend anymore he is trying so hard to treat me right and be good its kinda nice he called me high mantince last night well it went like this i was telling him that he should know that i am high mantince and he starts laughing and is like trust me i already know and i was like what the fuck you know becaues i am not high mantince you know i mean may be a little but everyone always is saying i am which is such bullshit i am a really easy going girl as long as things are going my way you know like if there not then i can't be held responcable for what i say and do hello everyone knows i fucking insane its no secert you know i mean i hate being fucked with i hate my friends and family being fucked with i would probably kill someone if they hurt my brother i deffently would kill someone if they hurt my brother i just a easy going person just don't get me angry and everything will be just fine so Taylor told his mom about me last sunday and he told his sister i was coming yesterday she said he was stupid and crazy SHE SO RIGHT he has no idea what being with me for 9 days is like i am insanely annoying when i am with someone for long periods of time its like he is going to want to ripe out his eye balls with a tea spoonbut i need to get all this shit together for my trip you know its going to be great fun i can't want to go see my boyfriend i miss him so much you know i hope everthing goes good you know i want it to be great i want to have everything just right LOL so lets just wait and see what desasters will accure on my trip got to run and do some stuff LOVE YOU ALL kisses and hugs

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