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Kirsten Dunst (kikibringsiton) wrote,
@ 2003-09-16 19:40:00
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    Shuffling between two sets, Wimbledon and Spiderman is tiring but I can manage. I am proud of how buff my body is getting. What actors do for their art, right? I thought getting in shape for Bring It On was rough but man. For days my body ached, but I’m really getting into it. What’s even sweeter is Jake works out with me when he’s in town. It makes working out so much more interesting.

    Yes we did buy matching rings this past week to symbolize our commitment to each other. Yes I am crazy over the guy. We spent the weekend chilling out in NYC shopping and doing couple things. Just being around him makes everything better.

    Started my tennis lessons and I have to say I am developing a wicked backhand. Even beat Jake the other day. I know everyone gushes about their boyfriends but I have the best.

    Found Bring It On 2 and can I say sucks much? So I wrapped it up in a brown paper bag and sent it to Eliza. There should be a warning label attached to it.

    Off to work out with Jake in the gym this is addicting. ::smiles::

    My Jake-shape has moved back to school and is waiting on Internet. Please don’t kick out my sweetie not sure how long it will be but he will be back.

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