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Kerry (kerryy) wrote,
@ 2003-10-23 18:38:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:my boy lollipop

    wowie zowies
    i dont have much to say.

    i'm going to see a play with tj and gween!!! eeep!!!! it's gonna be funnn 3 weirdos in the city..ahhh i'm stoked!! oo stoked is a mad cool word yo.

    i love alex.

    i hate some people a lot. like really. if you dont wanna do something, THEN FUCKING SAY SO. DONT BE A DICK ABOUT IT. fucking assholes. whatever.

    i'm making oatmeal cookies, but instead of raisins, i'm using butterscotch chips and they're soo good.

    i want to go out, and i called patricia but she just never picks up when i call and ashley is hanging out with her...i'm supposed to hangout with greg, but that just isnt gonna work due to SOME mother of mine. whatever. i hope i get that job so i dont have to worry about my friends not calling me. i'll just make new friends.

    i really just don't know what the fuck i did. really. i don't know. but then again, i wouldn't, cuz no one would tell me. thats typical too.

    i'm gonna go finish my cookies and watch friends. maybe hangout with greg.

    lata chicas.

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