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Krystine Robbins (ker_mcb85) wrote,
@ 2003-11-20 17:18:00
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    Current mood:livid
    Current music:boxcar racer- letters to god

    i don’t know why i am so pissed off... i had already mad up my mind not to get back with chris... i still wanted to be friend and i still do but i cant ... he tells me to day that he had no idea why he wanted to get back with me he was just lonely... boo fucking hoo.... then he tells me that he never loved me at all... but he cared for me... he always just viewed our "relationship" as just friends... and that i comforted him when he was down... he told me that there were times that he felt as if he was in love with me but they went away... so he fucking used me... AHHHHAHAHHAHAA and the thing that pisses me off is that he called me on mon. and told me that instead of being with Renee he wanted me back.... then i didn’t talk to him for a couple of days and then i wrote him a letter yesterday saying that i didn’t want to be with him again and that we could be friends or whatever... then after school yesterday he comes up to me all dick hurt say " so that’s it huh" and he was all sad and trying to convince me to rethink my decision.... then i signed up for the ASVAB and it was today and he happened to sign up for it too... so before it started he came up to me and asked me why i was being so cold... just because it had been like 19 hours since the last time we talked... please... but the thing is he had a huge fucking ass hicky on his neck no that to me doesn’t signify a "commitment to win kristine back" (that what he told me ) then he wanted to talk to me at lunch and that’s when he told me all that shit... then i started getting really aggravated and i told him to stop the self pity act... and then he started yelling and shit.... telling me to shut the fuck up and all this bullshit.... i looked at him and told him how dare he fucking talk to me like that like you’ve got something to be pissed off about... im the one who has been wronged and crushed and IM THE ONE WHO HAS EVERY REASON TO BE PISSED OFF!!! it is and was taking every thing i have not to cry. well im gonna go.....

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