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kelliper (kelliper) wrote,
@ 2011-12-19 14:17:00
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    The Most Beautiful Templates for DIY Christmas Greeting Cards
    Without any doubts, Christmas is one the biggest yet busiest holiday of many countries; probably you have already received countless Christmas flyers or Xmas greeting letters that informing big discounts or any other business promotions. In order to enhance business or greet friends with surprise, definitely a common Christmas card is not enough; you must add some flash and sparkling elements into it.

    Are you preparing to DIY some special Christmas brochures, Xmas catalogues and greeting cards to attract more eye-attention? It's easy. You just need a good tool which offers some eye-catching animations. As far as I'm concerned, Kvisoft Flipbook Maker is professional software presenting some most beautiful templates and animations for designing characteristic Christmas brochures, photo cards or catalogues. I like those flash-flipping templates at the first sight I saw them, and I’m sure they can help the sellers boom Christmas business.

    Template 1-Lovely children: viewing the template seems like enjoy some dynamic cartoons! The style looks easy but never lacks of highlights. Dancing kids, smiling animals, floating clouds and rotating bright sun, the template is designed by caricature. More ingeniously, Kvisoft flip book maker replaces each common button by flash-flipping kid button that it makes the whole template present a unique style.

    Uses: the child template is not only suitable for designing special Christmas photo card, but also suitable for creating e-brochure or e-catalogue for goods like kids' toys, clothes, etc.

    Template 2- Christmas Snowflake: it's a romantic and sparkling template that twinkling snowflakes shine regularly, just like the twinkling Christmas trees. Various styled snowflakes rotate and glitter on it, and a starring Christmas tree is made up by countless stars! More uniquely, the Kvisoft Flipbook Maker applies Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Xmas stockings and snowman as its buttons.

    Uses: it's a nice Christmas card template, no matter for creating Christmas business cards or personal greeting card.

    Template 3-Round world travel: every time when I saw the round-world-travel template, unconsciously, I would think of the mystical travel of Jack Sparrow in movie Pirates of The Caribbean. The huge vessel freely takes voyage among five continents and seven seas, feeling like Jack Sparrow's black pearl sailing on Caribbean Sea.

    Uses: the template is a nice one to convey best wishes and peace. Let it to express your sincere blessing or advertise goods like outdoor clothes, geography books, travel magazine etc., that's a creative idea!

    Template 4-Happy holiday template: it's all about festive holiday and shimmering animations! This template presents you a jolly picture of Christmas by beautiful decorated Xmas tree, glittering round dots, blossoming fireworks and dynamic stars. It makes full use of flash and animation to build a joyous Christmas atmosphere. The twinkling Christmas tree designed by Kvisoft is starring just as the Xmas tree in your house.

    Good uses: It's useful to DIY sparkling Christmas greeting cards, or to create e-brochures and catalogues for Christmas goods, including Christmas tree, colored lights, stockings or Xmas foods.

    Why people choose Kvisoft Flipbook Maker?
    1. Dynamic Page-turning effect of Kvisoft flip book maker can be easily used to design a unique Christmas greeting card;

    2. Various flash-flipping templates of the Flipbook Maker allow you to design Christmas card or Christmas photo cards of countless styles;

    3. Various stunning and romantic effects, including floating yet transparent balloons, pearl-like rain-drops, dancing snowflakes etc., allow you to DIY Christmas card of attractive animations.

    4. Easy and intuitive interface is helpful for anyone to design a unique greeting card in few minutes.

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