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megan (kegz) wrote,
@ 2004-12-22 11:48:00
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    pile of gay

    ++___name:: megan
    ++___nationality:: italian and irish
    ++___day of birth:: january 31
    ++___any siblings:: WEEN
    ++___if so what order are you:: im oldEST
    ++___piercings:: 2 in one ear 3 in the other
    ++___tattoos:: none
    ++___hair color:: brown
    ++___length:: its pretty long
    ++___eye color:: brown
    ++___martial status:: single


    ++___mood:: pretty bored
    ++___taste:: sprite
    ++___hair:: straightened and down
    ++___attire:: penn state hoodie and blue sweats
    ++___annoyed by:: something.
    ++___longing for:: yooou
    ++___fingernail color:: french
    ++___crush:: joaquin pheonix. i bet i spelled that wrong
    ++___hate:: calculus.. trying to find the PERFECT XMAS PRESENT bc it's soo damn hard... boston college

    DO YOU

    ++___have a bf or gf:: no
    ++___wish you could live somewhere else:: yea
    ++___think about suicide:: negative
    ++___believe in online dating:: haha
    ++___think that others find you attractive:: damn straight they do!
    ++___want more piercings:: belly button later
    ++___drink:: sometimes
    ++___do drugs:: no
    ++___smoke:: no
    ++___like cleaning:: no
    ++___write in cursive or print:: cursive
    ++___carry a donor card:: no
    ++___take a shower everyday:: yep. xcept when i want to be rank.
    ++___think you've been in love:: no
    ++___want to go to college:: yeah
    ++___like school:: no it blows.
    ++___want to get married:: like, tomorrow.
    ++___believe in yourself:: sure
    ++___believe in witches:: ...yes
    ++___get motion sickness:: no
    ++___like thunderstorms:: yes theyre fun
    ++___play an instrument:: piano?


    ++___long relationships:: ugh i dont know. theyre fine in college, now theyre sort of stupid.
    ++___using someone:: is sometimes neccessary
    ++___soap operas:: the oc is like a teen soap opera
    ++___keeping secrets:: is SO ANNOYING when someone wont tell you the secret.
    ++___suicide:: bad
    ++___killing people:: sexcellent
    ++___teenage smoking:: mmmm i love tar in lungs
    ++___premarital sex:: if youre in love
    ++___driving drunk:: gay
    ++___gay/lesbian relationships:: blah
    ++___gay marriage:: NO.
    ++___abortion:: pro life bitches
    ++___stem cell research:: i dont know
    ++___democrats:: are idiots
    ++___republicans:: are sexy
    ++___bush:: eh


    ++___worst feeling in the world:: cramps!
    ++___best feeling in the world:: success
    ++___can you define love:: no
    ++___do you get along with your parents:: sometimes
    ++___are you ticklish:: oh god yes


    ++___do you love:: christmas, friends, family, quiznos, my UPPY
    ++___do you hate:: work, school, calculus, boston college... weve been over this
    ++___do you miss the most:: i dont know
    ++___do you wanna be with right now:: no one, really
    ++___song is in your head:: xmas music blasting downsturrs

    ++___favorite color:: pink
    ++___if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be:: my backfatttt or my nose
    ++___have you ever tried to kill yourself:: no
    ++___do you know anyone who SERIOUSLY wants to kill themselves:: wtf is with the suicide questions
    ++___do you like jewelry:: love it
    ++___do you wear a watch:: yes
    ++___did/do you have braces:: i did
    ++___do you believe in God:: yeah
    ++___do you believe in love at first sight:: yes
    ++___what color tooth brush do you use:: red and white
    ++___is the glass half empty or half full:: half ur ass
    ++___vanilla or chocolate:: chocolate
    ++___would you rather be hot or cold:: hot
    ++___what do you wear to bed:: boyshorts and beater usually
    ++___what is your bed time:: its random


    ++___How many days untill Christmas?:: THREE
    ++___What are you hoping that Santa will bring you?:: a ps2
    ++___Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?:: yes!!!!!!
    ++___What is your favorite Christmas movie?:: it's a wonderful life even though ive never seen it. haha
    ++___Where are you going this year for Christmas?:: here, then the grandrent's house
    ++___Do you have a long list?:: yes. i always do.
    ++___Do you have decorations out side of your house?:: yeeaaah!
    ++___Is there snow on the ground where you live?:: no
    ++___What is your favorite ornament?:: i dont know
    ++___What is your favorite Christmas carol?:: CHRISTMASTIIIIDE
    ++___Do you like to give or recieve gifts?:: both
    ++___Do you like wrapping all the gifts?:: HATE it with a passion
    ++___What time do you go to sleep on Christmas Eve?:: i can still, to this day, never ever ever fall asleep on xmas eve
    ++___What time do you wake up on Christmas morning?:: late. its sad, the older you get the later you sleep.
    ++___Do you have all of your Christmas shopping done?:: no!
    ++___Who do you buy gifts for?:: parents, brother, friends
    ++___Are you looking forward to Christmas?:: hellll yea

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