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megan (kegz) wrote,
@ 2004-09-02 11:46:00
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    so it's been a while.
    school starts in 6 days and i dont know what to think.. im excited to be a senior, but i'm not excited for the stress.. but i dont think it should be too bad. ive been ridiculously busy lately, going to scary weddings, millions of doctors appointments, working, doing college stuff, and HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY.
    i'm really not liking people too much right now. everything about everyone is just pissing me off lately... nothing personal, just i hate how people change for the worst. but hey, it's a part of life, one must deal. i havent gotten sufficient sleep in quite some time, so maybe that's bringing about my sudden epiphany on human kind.
    i feel like i havent seen/talked to any of my friends in decades, even though that's not true cause i've been seeing everyone around. i feel very distant. but im sure that'll change when school starts up.. summer just has a way of bringing people apart. which is odd.
    blah i just feel so WEIRD right now and i dont know how to explain it.. do you ever get that feeling that everything that youve ever had with anyone just doesnt matter anymore.. it never mattered and it was all just a waste of time? it's strange.. really, i dont know what my deal is. lack of sleep and good nutrition.
    i dont really use my cell phone anymore which i know, is insanity. i dropped it and the buttons are all screwed, so using it just pisses me off these days. i tend not to answer unless i'm awoken from my sleep between the hours of 1-3 am... oh yes then i'll defenitely pick up, and most likely have a 20 minute conversation with you, only to wake up the next morning not remembering a THING that was said. these kind of conversations are dangerous.

    well that was nice and long wasnt it. im getting bored of writing about myself and vlada is here so i should evacuate my room before i get raped with the vacuum cleaner.

    and whenever your feeling sad or down about things, just be thankful you don't live in wichita, kansas and have to constantly be worrying that the BTK is going to come strangle you to death while your alone in your house.

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