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Chessa (keepmysecrets) wrote,
@ 2006-06-20 20:56:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:iPod on shuffle... currently gwen stefani, danger zone

    i am 19!
    i just got home from hanging out with my step mom :) she took me out for my birthday to get my nails done, and then we went to pizza works where doug works and got some foodie. so now i have the fakey nails on, and its the first time ive ever had them done! i love them, and they are so pretty. i got them airbrushed with this white and black design, and then the lady did the not airbrushed parts with glitter. i feel so girly. jalisa is going to be so proud of me, she loves when im girly <3

    so my birthday went well. as soon as i woke up rob had my stuff set up on the computer desk for me. he got me two things of truffles, 'underworld:evolution', and bejeweled for the compy. and then he left around four and came back with the BIG one: a mini fridge for my (our) room! its very exciting, being that weve been looking to buy that particular mini fridge for about a year and a half now. because it was my birthday i was excused from going to the restaurant and being slave labor for the day, so rob and i just kind of sat around the house, which was nice for once. then tuesday me and my daddy went out for dinner, like we do every year. that was a lot of fun too... its pretty much the only time throughout the whole year that its just me and my dad. that might in fact be a good thing, haha, but it is nice to have some time together.

    the only thing that was bad that was in any way related to my birthday was sara, surprisingly. the week before my birthday she IMed me and said something like 'its almost your birthday, itll be the first one in a couple years that i wont see you for'. we havent talked in a while, and we havent seen eachother for longer than that. im aware of this. so i IMed her something back about us maybe hanging out, which i know wont happen, but thats the polite kind of thing to say, right? so i didnt hear from her for almost a week, and then she decides to IM me the day after my birthday with something to the effect of 'i think us hanging out for your birthday would be weird and awkward... or like, ever'.
    was that really necessary???? i dont think so. we obviously dont even talk anymore, and she could have stopped after weird and awkward. that to me, was just rubbing it in. it bothers me that we dont talk, and she didnt have to be a bitch about it. ugh.

    im going to go for now, rob and i have a zillion movies to watch from blockbuster. well... six, but thats almost a zillion.

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