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Chessa (keepmysecrets) wrote,
@ 2006-02-01 16:16:00
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    Current mood: hungry

    so yes, im finally updating
    havent done it since three weeks ago, so its about that time.

    rob is in albany for another week and a half, he left on the 22nd (which was our year and a half anniversary :( ). he got this new job for combined insurance, and they do all their licensing out in latham near albany. saddest thing ever. we havent really gone two days without seeing eachother since we started dating, let alone three weeks! ugh, its hard, and it sucks, but i think were both doing okay considering. i just cant wait until hes home with me, and neither can he.

    mandi stewart found me on myspace, and i was so excited! we used to be BEST FRIENDS wayyy back in the good ole days, and i think about her often. so weve been talking for a couple days now, and its so cool. i love catching up with an old friend. not that im like, a zillion years old or anything, because thats what that just sounded like, but you know what i mean.

    i FINALLY got the other side of my belly button done on saturday. it looks soooo cool. i cant wait for it to heal so i can have the barbell in there. eric did it for free too, which is also cool, because i have no money and get paid biweekly and get no hours at work. i wish it was christmas all year just so i could have big paychecks, because that would be sweet.

    i started my observation hours with herr schneider yesterday. its a lot of fun being back at pembroke, not really for the students (yuck) but more for old teachers, especially herr schneider. i really like being on the other side of the classroom... taking notes on how he teaches, not what he teaches. i took seriously a whole page of notes today, just on how he was teaching. its really interesting, and when youre in a class to learn, you really dont think about what the teacher is doing to help you.
    he also told me about english as a foreign language (EFL) instead of ESL (second language). ESL is for if you want to teach here in the US, EFL is for teaching outside of the country. i just called canisius a few minutes ago to ask about that and their required observation hours, but the guy i have to talk to is busy, so hell (hopefully) call me back soon.

    so yes, on that note, rob and i are going to move to europe. not like, tomorrow or anything, but when im done with school. i wanted to teach ESL anyways, doubling with german of course, and i can certainly teach english in europe! i was talking to herr schneider about it, and i guess they are just dying for english teachers in european countries. so good for me i guess, hopefully theyll pay me a whole bunch :) but yeah, we talked about it the one night for like, three hours, and weve pretty much decided. maybe not even stay over there for forever, but how can you know you want to live in one place for the rest of your life if you never go anywhere else?

    in other news, i hate philosophy. i was telling rob on the phone the other night, i cant tell if hes not teaching anything or im just not getting it, because i leave that class with absolutly nothing. we dont take any notes, he just talks the whole class and we have discussions and all that, but im not getting anything out of it. so i dont know, i dont like it either way. and im going to have to take two more philosophy classes at canisius :(

    thats it for now, im going to go eat some pasta and do some laundry. when my mama comes home were going to clean my room, because i hate it >:o so bye for now :)

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