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Chessa (keepmysecrets) wrote,
@ 2005-09-29 09:05:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:iPod shuffle, bitches

    i hate dirty aim express
    but im using it right now anyways. im in the library at gcc right now. i forgot about this stupid english paper that were doing workshop for today in class, so i said eff english. i was sicky yesterday, and i forgot :(

    yeahh, sicky i was. tuesday i was feeling kind of crappy and i left school after my classes and didnt stay for my work study. yesterday though, i was blowing my nose about every two seconds and coughing and blah. craptastic. so i stayed home for the day, didnt go to school, called into both jobs, and didnt go to dance. pam was a little pissy when i called, but what are you going to do, im quitting anyways.

    speaking of which, a couple weeks ago i filled out a jc penneys application online just for fun, and they called me on monday. i went in for an interview on tuesday, and bam i got the job. its at the jc penneys in the eastern hills mall, and im going to be working in the childrens department :) pretty much im going to be cashing people out, cleaning up the fitting rooms, and like, setting up displays for holiday stuff and such. i think its going to be pretty sweet, personally. im hoping that theyll be giving me a fair amount of hours, being that im driving a considerable distance to get there. well see how it goes, im excited about it. so i will be quitting dirty south side deli, and talking to the work study people and seeing if i can go down to two days a week... i told the lady at penneys that i cant work on wednesdays or thursdays because i have dance those nights... monday dance isnt until 815, so there would be plenty of time for driving out there. wednesday and thursday, not so much.

    in more frightening news, my brother is now the eighth grade class president at pembroke. shudder.

    i have everything all figured out for robs birthday, im psyched :) now all i need is some money, and some... other stuff. dont you worry about it. ill tell after it all happens.

    ugh, i have a history test in ten minutes. i dont want to go up there early though, because my english class that i just didnt go to and my history class are in the same room. so that would be bad, and i would feel like an asshole, and thats no good at all. ugh. i hate history, and i have tests.

    wish me luck...

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