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Stephanie (kcssdhs4life) wrote,
@ 2003-09-19 18:53:00
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    Current mood: relieved
    Current music:Man In Black - Johnny Cash

    Hurricane Isabel!
    Well it wasn't near as bad as everyone said it would be. We lost power for about a day but that was all. Anyways! I got to go to blockbuster today! YAY! Hopefully I'll go to the movies and the mall tommorrow and Kari will finally get a chance to meet Zack. I'm about to start my cashier training at work (THEY ARE ABOUT OH 4 MONTHS late on that) so I'm really happy. I missed two days of school last week b/c I got burned :(. But now I'm better. The surprising thing is I really missed school and wanted to go. I miss my fwiends!!! It was only a 3 day week anyhow! I cleaned up my room the other day and that made me happy. Well I'm about to go now and watch my two movies that I can watch now that my power's back!!! Love ya'll! I wish you peace and good fortune!

    I LOVE THIS! (From Alina's Profile)
    » d0nT w0rRY Ab0uT FaLlIn In L0vE.. CuZ In M0St FaiRyTaLes . tHeY DoNT FiNd EaCh0tHEr unTiL »
    [[ t h e l a s t p a g e ]]

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