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Stephanie (kcssdhs4life) wrote,
@ 2003-08-24 14:25:00
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    Okay back to my Saturday story. At 5 Zack got there and they had the system war thing. Guys lol. Then all the others showed up and we ate. After we ate me Kenneth, Walton, and Faith went inside to watch Jay and Silent Bob:). "OMG they're movin!" lol long story. Then when it was over we went back outside and ate cake and ice cream. Then me and him danced to Free Bird(Lynyrd Skynyrd). It was so romantic. His mom took pictures and everything. Then everybody started dancing out there by the pool. Taylor danced with me and Kenneth lol. It was so cute. Then everybody else went swimming and me and Kenneth went inside and looked at pictures of him when he was a baby. We just laid on the couch and talked and cuddled it was so cute. Then the funniest thing of the night happenned when everybody started comin back inside. Devonna and Anfo were in the bathroom together which we didnt know with Poncho and then Andy came in and said "Where's Anthony?" Nobody knew lol. Then somebody said he was in the bathroom with Vonna. LOL so Andy went and openned the door and Anfo came out in a pair of Devonna's underwear mocking "Party Boy" from Jackass. It was so funny. We almost DIED laughing. Kenneth was embarassed though and it made him mad that he did that. But I cheered him up ;). Anyways so we hung out in the living room til it was almost time for me and Faith to go then we went on the front porch and hung out with Chris and Walton til my mom came. It was such a fun day. I didn't get home til almost midnight. lol. I'll be puttin up pics on my website as soon as they develop. I gotta go to work now :(. I'll be home around 10! LOVE YA'LL!

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