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nenna (kayso) wrote,
@ 2003-03-24 16:34:00
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    the worst day of my far..
    my day sucked, as you can see from the heading. i "broke jen's heart"(im not quoting that sarcastically its just that that's how she put it..), and even though we talked about it and she forgives me i cant forgive myself..... then sam hates me and i can deal with that because he's the most self absorbed person ive ever met and im sick of putting up with him, but then andrew is mad at me for not doing the extra credit video with him and he says im not loyal or something and i said i was sorry but he just wont let it all go.... i just keep making horrible decisions and messing everything up.....

    i couldnt stop crying today. i was fine until 5th period and then i finally had to go to the bathroom and just cry for like the whole period because i didnt want anyone to see me, but that was useless becuase then i couldnt stop and so everyone saw me in 6th period and in between...oh well. i just cant believe i did that...and now jen can never fully trust me so glad she is forgiving me though...i thought that it was the end of our friendship and she was never going to speak to me again.......i dont know what i would do if that happened.

    i just finished making a pink beanie for gabe to go snowboarding in haha. gabe, if you read this, trust me, it looks better with the cuff. keep it!

    now i want one.(not in pink..)

    i want to go snowboarding soon....dang those stupid volleyball tournaments!

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