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Kaycoa La'ani Dayton (kaycoa_dayton) wrote,
@ 2003-08-17 04:44:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:The Clash ~ Complete Control

    Late night decisions...
    My cousin’s wedding is in about 13 hours and I’m still up! Sunny brought by some dresses for me to pick from. I’m having a hard ass time deciding! They are all so great! I’m going to need 4 more events to go to that would require me dressing up formally so that I could wear all of these. But I called my date for the wedding and he came by, he's actually, umm still here right now, but he brought by the suit he's going to wear. I have to fix it a bit so that it hangs better on him. Damn he looks good in a suit. -laughs- Here are the dresses I have to pick from.

    Dress 1
    Dress 2
    Dress 3
    Dress 4
    Dress 5

    You girls should really head out to Tami’s shop when it opens in October. Sunny and her have some knock out things! Just ask Andie, she constantly gets things from them…more than I do sometimes. And that reminds me, Andie, Tami has some things she wants you to go through and pick out what you like.

    Before I leave for the wedding I have to make a pit stop to the hospital to see my 2 new cousins. I found out too late to see them today so I’ll do it before the wedding!

    I'm gonna get some sleep before my head hits this keyboard leaving a mark on my forehead.

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