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Beca (kawaiithrasher) wrote,
@ 2004-09-23 18:43:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:.:*:."One Thing" Finger Eleven.:*:.

    283?!?! woohoo
    so yeh i shot rifle the other day...and i got a 283 and a 281...with an 86 and 84 offhand too...HAHA my aweful-hand deff sucks. But i made the Orchard park team...with the older folks...well not really, cuz jake shoots there, but im deff on the team, and the top three people's scores count, and the top three people are jake than me, than who ever has a good day i guess. Thats so cool, now ill have matches on tuesdays, thursdays and fridays. haha wow i have no life. But school isnt too bad this year, except for effin dimmig...<>, haha well she made a mistake by putting me next to Val and Ana...and we havent learned anything. English is cool, mr edward is kinda weird, but hey w/e. I totally see Ismert like 20 times a day now...i love it, and hes in my math class....again. omfg, a week into math class and we have to change our seats already. Val again haha- but i also sit next to Stephen<3- hahaha jp jp, but we do write notes everyday becuz he got jealous of me and val. Welcome to Kindergarten bitches...haha math class. and last but not<3<3<3...well not <3 ms wirth...she hates me right now. Because i refuse to do any easy projects, and i always break the rules...
    Wirth- ok class, draw ur sketch in ur sketchbooks before you go onto your good paper
    Me- i draw it on my good paper and say i cant draw things twice
    Wirth- you can make 3 out of 10 drawings that break the rules for the project, but you might not be able to use them
    Me-3/10 follow the rules, and i pick one that doesnt follow the rules to paint
    Wirth-beca, the lines on your surfer are too little, when you try to cut out the peices the lines will rip
    Me- make them bigger by half a millimeter, and cut them out with out any rips :D
    im sucha hardass- lol mel my OxYMoRoN ArT BuDdY!!

    homecoming saturday...totally wearing my purple dress...not that neone knows wtf that is but w/e.....nick u better im kidding, im really not that annoying but i just wanted to see if i could get u to go-lol. And no im not going to the parade or pep rally because the stupid sophmores wouldnt let me play the huge drums on the jumanji float...ur retards that would have made it win....ahh!!! and glenn u re, yd u drop out...thats no fair...[and i kno ull yell at me but i hope u caught the sarcasticness about the other day online] haha
    **Mark....ill be listening for that thrasher shoutout haha**

    //*\\Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness, I need to calculate, what creates my own madness, I feel irrational, So confrontational, To tell the truth again, I am getting away with murder//*\\

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