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loc'd psyience (kauzinone2) wrote,
@ 2004-07-22 16:08:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Catch 22 - Goapele

    so it begins...or has begun...oh whatever... this is how this tale of all the exciting goings on in my life...which means it'll probably start and stop right here...i mean, i don't mean to sound like I don't have any sort of life outside of going to work and going home...cause I do do shyt in between....not to mention all of the wonderful drama that surrounds me on a daily...i'm the drama blocker...i mean, i can entertain a lot of things...and yes, drama included...but dumb haps...not at all...

    last night, i swear i cried for about two hours...ever notice the harder u cry, the sleepier u are afterwards...*lol*..i'm telling about 11PM, i was knocked out! but i really needed that....that type of cleansing...see, i'm not much of a crier at all...not truly an emotional being...i haven't quite decided whether this is a good or bad thing...hell, i'm really too 'old' to give a complete shyt about it....but i do care when my emotion-less ass affects others with my....non-expression....i'm like, the queen when it comes to ignoring someone...even if all i wanna do is grab u, hold u tightly, kiss ur face to death....i'll act like ur ass is not even standing right next to me if u piss me off enough...*lol*...damn, I'm not right at all...but hey, to know me is to love me...or love to hate me...or hate to love me....u got me, i'm sure...

    all day, my best friend has been telling me that she's tired....all day, my ex and I have been bullshytin back and forth about where we going tonight....*i believe it's bowling right now, but who knows....everything changes once log disease sets in*...all day, my ex bf and i have been talking about wimmin and how they get under our skin with the nonsense of whose at ur crib this week...*smh*...all day, I've been talking to my co-workers about mindless, I'm ready to get outta...which I will do....right now...:)


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