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Fryn (katinky) wrote,
@ 2006-10-29 17:31:00
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    So far who did you talk to the most today?:
    katie and helen

    What is the best name for a butler?

    What is the thing you are picked on most about?
    my hair maybe - geeeenitals

    Whats the weirdest story of one of your scars?:
    the one on my ankle appeared as if by magic

    Do you remember the part from Bambi when Bambi learns to say bear?:

    Can you eat well with chopsticks?:
    can do it but not that well

    Have you ever felt an earthquake?:
    yeah when i was in new zealand, but i was so wasted i thought it was just me at the time

    What do you do with the hot grease when youre done cooking bacon?:
    never cooked bacon

    How many best/very good friends do you have?:
    14... maybe more

    What's the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
    food in singapore was weird- strange dumplings and such

    What color are your socks today?:

    What is your least favorite word that starts with the letter G?:
    i dont really like many words beginning with G, or maybe its that G is a bit of an ugly letter. id say Geraldine

    Who do you blame for your mood today?
    myself and my friends, all is good

    What is the closest object to your left foot?:
    my chair

    Do you have an inside joke that has to do with numbers?:
    erm 69...

    What is the longest amount of hours you have slept in a row?
    14 perhaps

    What story do you tell most often?:
    the one about the earthquake in new zealand...

    What is your mothers heritage?

    What is your fathers heritage?
    leeds (no theyre not incestuous, though you might think it if you met my brother)

    What are the posters on your walls?:
    absinthe robette (everyone has it) edward scissorhands, map of hulalulaland, bunny suicides, faster pussycat kill!...kill!

    Say two words that rhyme:
    mime lime

    Do you use online terms in real life?:
    i used to find myself saying lol, which made me make sure i dont say any now.

    What do you think people think of you?:
    its just kathryn

    Do you think this year will be better than the last?:
    its nearly over, but in school year terms i just think itll be mega different

    Who is the 1st person on your incoming call list?:

    What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?:
    haha im not gonna say, but it was very recent

    What is your favorite commercial of the moment?:
    dont have a tv

    What does it take to make you cry?:
    feeling sorry for myself, frustration, being told off properly by someone i respect

    What are you looking forward to?:
    lois getting here

    Who did you kiss today?:
    nooobody...maybe ill attack logs when she gets here

    What do you like to do when you are alone?:
    sit at my computer and talk to people

    What is missing from your life?:
    well i think rahuls still got a couple of my dvds

    Would you be ashamed if you wore hippie clothes?:
    yeah even if i just sat in my room in them, id be so ashamed

    Grab the closest book, what does the 7th sentence on the 23rd page say?:
    'if the patient is receiving oxygen, make sure that his therapy has been underway for at least 15 minutes before collecting an arterial blood sample.'

    If it was your last day on earth what shoes would you wear?:
    some manolos, id have to spend the day before choosing which ones from a mega selection tho

    What do you think of Law and Order?:

    Can you name all 7 dwarfs?:
    sleepy, doc, grumpy, bashful, dopey, sneezy, happy?

    Have you ever pretended to be Jewish?:
    not personally...jenny did you make this? you know he hasnt got a myspace

    What was the last thing you thought you lost, but ended up finding?:
    dont usually think ive lost stuff, just forget i have it, then find it and go 'ooh!' and i cant remember anyways

    have you ever been cool enough to push all the buttons on an elevator?:
    yeah course

    What were you doing at 11pm last night?
    erm i was in glasshouse with kt claire and helen, drinkin wine and watching slags

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