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kat (katherinyo_) wrote,
@ 2004-02-24 22:48:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:fresh from yard - beenie man and lil kim

    well ive been with karl now 4...lets c...a whole 2dayz officially!go me!lol! im so happy. its not lyk if jus got with him4 the sake of it, i actually wantd him so bad. and now ive got him! and im gna treat him so gd, he aint ever gna wna let me go (pretty women). lets hope he dusnt let me go! coz i dont wna let him go! ive rly fallen!its such a short amount of time! but i feel so close 2him. i dont fink im in love. i know i love him. but i dont fink we've been 2getha long enuf 2 b in love (bere in mind im not exaggerting and altho we have only been 2getha 4 2dayz we have been seeing each other un officially 4 over a month previously). i dont wna lose him! and hope i dont! he keeps wanting 2 c me! which i rly lyk but i hope he dusnt c me 2 much and get bored! am i worrying 2much?? who knows! but hey im allowd 2 have an attack of the old paranoi once in a while ay?! i fink im gna lose my virginity on friday coz im stayin over karls alone and i know he wants2. i feel ready 2 coz i feel comfortable with him. he's seen evry part of me (sorry bout the case of t.m.i) and i trust him. wen we had a shower 2getha that woz more exposing (physically obviously and i spose mentally in sum sense) but it felt so normal. i dnt fink i cud of eva dun that b4, but my confidence around him is so high! omg im so happy!! i hope it all lasts! i wna stay with him 4eva n eva. i know i wont but hey i can fink it. amd u do neva no. sum couples stay 2getha frm skool!! well nitenite luv a loved up lil kat x x x

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