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K (karenhj) wrote,
@ 2005-08-27 17:13:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:The noisy drunks who were at the church wedding next door.

    Lovely day for tea...
    and great conversation. It doesn't always have to be highly intellectual, either. Just enjoyable.

    I was just reading the blog of someone I know through a friend and was very put off by the attempts at sounding like an intellectual. Things like pretending to only know the French for a well-known English phrase, sounding off about the idiocy of someone who disagrees with this person, speaking out about something we all know like this person was the first one to come up with this idea etc. etc. etc.
    I've always called people like this pseudo-intellects. They go on about things they pretend to be experts on but are really only just trying to baffle us with their Bull Sh_t! Maybe I should feel bad that this person needs to try to make his/herself feel better in such a way. It usually justs frustrates me because the things said are mostly wrong.
    Okay, I'm breathing and going to a happy place.

    I just got a new mike for my computer but I have to test it out on someone because, right now, I'm not even sure it's working. Assumptions are not always correct. Especially in the wonderful world of computers. I'll check it out later.
    Food now!!

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