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aaron (kar15frogman) wrote,
@ 2003-03-06 02:24:00
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    Current mood: worried
    Current music:any blink 182 songs. lol

    WoW finally have time again...
    Havent done this in awhile. yeah i actually have stuff to do now. its nice. but ive been thinking about some stuff. Bad and Good. band things come to me all the time. So i guess i try to think about all the good things i do and have done to make it better. but you can never hide the truth about anything. it will allways be there. so you just kind of have to let it go. but its hard. you cant....well i cant. i was thinking the other day about all the nice stuff i did for people...i dont know just to make me feel better i guess while i listened to my music. i guess ive done some good things. I tought safety town for 2 years teaching kids the safety of riding bikes and not talkin to strangers. It was funny the day safety town ended 2 twin boys came up to me and huged me and started crying cause they wanted to stay with me. i remember the first day they came they didnt even want to be there. Then theres the giving of blood. This is my first year doing it and im going to do it every 3 months now. cause i know if i needed it some day that it would be nice for someone to do that for me. speaking of needles i remember the time when me and this girl that i liked were dating and she totally hated needles she was 18 and still would cry when she had to get a shot. one day she had to go get a shot and she called me and wanted me to pick her up so she could skip the shot. but she still lived at home and her mom said that she had to get it or else she was not able to do anything with me. (even though she would have anyway. lol) so she went to go get it. I waited and went to the store to get a blank card that had pink roses on it. then i got some whinny the pooh bandades and wrote "that wasnt so bad was it." and then at the bottom said ps "your beautiful" then i stuck a couple of the pooh bandades in the card and gave it to her step brother to give to her. her step brother was like 25 and he lauphed at me and said "awww how cute, your so weet to give me a card" she called me at the docs and tlod me how it went. it didnt go that well so i said for her to just go home and ill cal her later. then i took her to get something to eat and we rented "john q" and watched it in my room. i realy loved being around her but like everything i goes wrong. and she left me a few days later. talk about leading me on. oh well life goes on... unfortunatlly.hmmm anything else..well yeah i guess. i went to navy SEAL training for 1 week in galveston island, texas. and made it through. 2 of us made it out of like 17 i think it was. i was the youngest. everyone else was 19 through 32. my roomate that was 21 made it through with me. i told him in the begining i wasnt going to quit. and he said he wasnt either. he was a big guy. really built. im just a short flellow with big shoulders. i tried hard there but not as hard as i should have. but me and him made it so thats good. the SEAL insruter said to me "you have some major balls comin here at 16 davis" which is my last name. we did alot there hard shit. i hated it but loved it. 14 mile run in combat boots with 55 pound ruck sak in the sand is not an easy thing to do but we all got through that one. even though half quit right after that run. my roomate and i went back to the hotel at the end of training and he bought a 12 pack of beer and downed it all. i jst tried to take a shower but i couldnt it was so painful. i wish i took a pic of my waist. i had a whole belt of scar around my waist form the sand and salt water rubbing against the pants. my nipples were raw. and i had sand bug bites all over my body cause we slept in the sand when we did have time to sleep. i went home and felt really good after that so yeah thats good i guess. what else have i done to make me feel half way good. i dont know i try to be as nice as a person as i can but sometimes ill admit im down and dont like talking to people. so if i dont talk to people thats why. im shy in some places but outgoing in others. but i always try to keep my manners no matter where i am. until everything bad goes away i just think of these things waiting for another good thing that i will love and keep in my mind forever. but then again bad things will always happen.... bye

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