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aaron (kar15frogman) wrote,
@ 2003-02-04 21:58:00
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    Current mood: grateful
    Current music:"praise chorus" jimmy eat world

    Its 10:00 and theres nothing to do so i guess ill write. Im really bored right now. Im just sitting here thinking about stuff like i do every night. then i cant go to sleep. but i have to. i got to wake up at 5 and run outside to this traffic light. its exactly 1 mile away so ill run there and back 2 times. So for thoses that are slow that is 4 miles. hehe. Im getting rid of my water bed thiss weekend and getting a regular one. it will be better for my back. and im painting my room. I have this reflector that im going to hook on my back so that people can see me when i am running . it blinks on and off red. its cool. But that will probably make me a better target for vehicles to hit. but ill take the chance. My hands are freezing cold and i dont know why they have been like this for awhile and its anoyying. cause they feel so cold and i think i have bad circulation to them. Im just going to keep on writing cause im bored..... ok well i think ill go to washtenaw community college first aftre high school. I just want to get out. im not having a grad party. i dont care abut that. everyone that comes is probably just going to mock me and ask the question "so aaron what are you going to do now?" or "aaron i think you should do this instead of this!" I tend to do stuff for other people instead for myself because i want to try to make them happy and proud but whatever. i want to join the marines but i dont know... the navy SEALs and marine force recon are joining together now so i would be able to be both. and i would for sure go to iraq and all those middle eastern places that are infested with those pansy ass coward terrorists. But the marine recruiter said i better make sure its what i want to do cause he said it can be emotionally hard sometimes cause you have to write death leters home to your family and friends. and a will. and put it in a special bag where your stationed and if you die they send it home. and if you dont then hopefull you can rip them up and forget it. He said one time he went to kewait and had to write the letters and then when he came home he forgot to throw them away and his wife found the one that was suppose to be for her and she starded balling her eyes out. I just looked down and started to think... but its not like i would have anything to give anyone in my will anyway. i fell like such shit!!! i cant stand it! well i guess thats enouph for now. have a good day!

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