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aaron (kar15frogman) wrote,
@ 2003-01-22 20:38:00
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    Why couldnt my parents get me into something when i was young like karate or drums , or anything like that for that matter. Im so untalented. Dont know how to do shit. "mom cant i please play drums or do something please" thats all i ever asked. all i heard was "no". Man im never doing that to my kids if they want to do something ill help them do it. I guess maybe it was because i didnt have a dad around. He was a mean asshole anyway. lol. i would never want him around. 1 more semester unless i fail something. hehe. cant wait. I hate high school. It was better before but you know nothing ever stays the same.

    Ok Ok, Ive learned my lesson. to just do what you feel you need to do and dpont listen to anyone else because it always bites you in the back. But just let me go allready. Whenever i follow people i seem to get it the worst. It sucks. actually i hate it. But i have learned something good over the year. If you have something to say say it beacuase if some people dont like it there will always be ones who do. Cause usually if you dont say it you will regret it with any topic for that matter. Not much else really to say. Until the good day comes ill just have to provide some comedy and hang out with my cool friends, and have them put asoline all over my face while im sleeping and break out the next morning. uhhhhhh man.

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