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Kanonu Linei (kanonu) wrote,
@ 2004-06-29 00:20:00
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    Current mood: hungry

    broken randomness
    I am bored out of my mind. *sigh* Nobody is on, but it really doesnt matter because there is nothing to talk about anyways. Tomorrow I have to go turn in some applications-hopefully Ill get this job. I hate the fact that I havent found anything yet. And its really starting to bother me that my dad keeps signing me up to do meaningless tid-bits for the neighbors. Its not wort my time-effor-motivation or even the money. God, I did so not think that things would suck this badly after I left that retarded school. Times like these I really wonder what it is that Im waiting for. Conversations like the one I had earlier with Supes makes me wonder what Heath is doing at this very moment. Sometimes it is just so hard to carry a conversation with that man. You would think that he would put more interest into what he is talking about, but I guess its too much to ask him to read what is implied and not what I actually say. Why do I even bother sticking with this one? Its in those moments of dry conversation and lack of understanding-those times when what you want feels like its not worth your effot-it always makes me wonderd if letting him slip from my arms at graduation was the right decision. I guess time and fate will have to tell me if what I did was the right thing.

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