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kandy (kandyfloss) wrote,
@ 2005-01-19 20:31:00
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    Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

    8:05 pm - My personal shopping assistant
    It just took me TWO hours to buy a pair of jeans! TWO hours! So I'm in hong qiao market, and my attitude is that I'm never going to find any excellent and flattering clothes in China, so I may as well just go with the first reasonable pair I see. I do this. I'm trying them on with the help of the assistant, as is customary in China. I have enough Chinese to say 'tai xiao le' (too small) and when I'm remarking that the pair that do fit are far too long (the jeans i have on are disgracefully ripped and torn at the bottom) she starts whispering to me in chinese... I'm too intrigued to haggle and before I know it I'm being led by the arm out of hong qiao and into some dodgy hutongs.. then I figure shes telling me to hide so she will get the chinese price, (not the foreigners price) for these jeans... is she leading me to the heart of the triads i ask myself and in half an hour I should return to collect them. So when I try to find my way back (my sense of direction being what it is) Iris, my personal shopping assistant is there to direct me and walk me home. Aww shes quite sweet and I give her my number as I dont mind helping her out with her English, and I was feeling lonely earlier.. its just there were other things I needed to buy, like a compass, a torch and a cantonese phrase book. Goodness! All that lot will take 6 hours. I'd better get up early tommorrow!

    current mood: curious
    current music: red hot chilli peppers - throw away your television

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