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Aya Kamini Yasmeen Aishwarya (kamikazekamini) wrote,
@ 2003-09-14 19:06:00
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    Current mood:amused
    Current music:The voices in my head

    After the Storm..........
    Yes, well life does go on..............after the storm there is light to guide you to a luminous future, where you may prosper in the face of adversity. Life is a continous process of living, observing, and learning.........................

    Life does go on after the storm
    the time when everything will return to the "norm"
    Or will it?.............or is that a fallacy
    a figure of my imagination or an overblown fantasy

    Who is to say or dictate what will really happen...
    this grave uncertainty is a concept I find hard to fathom
    What constitutes one's struggle
    is that even measurable?
    It can never be assigned a quantity
    or compared against a standard quality

    When the time draws near
    will all of us flee in fear?
    Or will we adopt an attitude of determination
    or cower and subject ourselves to the subsequent humiliation?
    Can we test the strength of our minds and hearts
    or will the cyclical nature of destruction tear us apart?

    Who is to say that we will survive
    When we lack the basic ability to revive
    our lost and contemptible souls
    having abandoned all of our goals

    Where do we, you stand now?
    do we, do you even have the notion of how
    Considering that we, you possess the aptitude
    humble yourself and develop a new attitude
    Realize that the time is now

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