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Kalypso (kalypso) wrote,
@ 2005-01-10 21:01:00
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    Current music:Into The Mystic ~ Van Morrison

    Thirteen random things you like
    1 lazy mornings
    2 waterfalls
    3 moonlit nights
    4 fireworks
    5 midnight movie fests
    6 holidays
    7 having my breath taken away
    8 meditation
    9 the ocean
    10 fall in New England
    11 dragons
    12 candles
    13 stones

    *Twelve Movies* (not in any specific order)
    1 Made In Heaven
    2 Walk In The Clouds
    3 The Big Easy
    4 Casablanca
    5 The Gay Divorcee
    6 Shawshank Redemption
    7 Somewhere In Time
    8 Cinderella
    9 Mr. Mom
    10 Sixteen Candles
    11 The Usual Suspects
    12 Practical Magic

    *Eleven Good Artists/Bands*
    1 Van Morrison
    2 Janet Jackson
    3 Eric Clapton
    4 Carol King
    5 Louis Armstrong
    6 John Coltrane
    7 Madonna
    8 Rascal Flatts
    9 Jimmy Buffett
    10 Amy Grant
    11 Baby Face

    *Ten Things About You Physically*
    1 33 ½ inch inseam
    2 blue/grey eyes
    3 dent on my nose from rollercoaster accident in first grade
    4 red butterfly shaped birthmark
    5 long fingers
    6 early hereditary gray hair hidden by various changes in hair color
    7 belly ring
    8 strategically placed tattoos
    9 permanent smile from cesarean section ;)
    10 round scar on ass from spider bite and eventual surgery

    *Nine Good Friends* [in no order]
    1 Vivian
    2 Nia
    3 Su
    4 Carolyn
    5 Summery
    6 Jeff
    7 Damon
    8 Jenna
    9 Venus

    *Eight Favorite Foods*
    1 artichokes
    2 grilled cheese sandwich on wheat and salsa
    3 oh god…sushi!
    4 chocolate covered cherries or strawberries
    5 watermelon
    6 cantaloupe
    7 King crab legs
    8 Little necks

    *Seven Things You Wear Daily*
    1 bra
    2 gold hoop earrings
    3 shoes preferably with high heels
    4 Hanae Mori
    5 suit-pants or skirt
    6 jeans – shorts or pants
    7 little to no makeup…always lipgloss

    *Six Shows you watch*
    1 Medium
    2 Will & Grace
    3 Food Network
    4 Biography
    5 Quints
    6 Las Vegas

    *Five Things You Touch Daily*
    1 My daughter
    2 My son
    3 My notepad
    4 My body
    5 My tub

    *Four Things that annoy you*
    1 Getting woken up before I need to be up (So not a morning person)
    2 pre-emption of a favorite TV show
    3 inactivity
    4 disrespect

    *Three Celebrities You Have a Crush on*
    1 Dennis Quaid
    2 Kevin Spacey
    3 Eric Clapton

    *Two Things You Can't Live Without*
    01) My children
    02) Music

    *Name One Thing You Want More Than Anything*
    01) My Dreams Renewed

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