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Kailea (kaileah) wrote,
@ 2004-08-23 01:58:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:My December (LP)

    Welll Ima here again!
    Im not new by all means just needed a Change Smiles
    Its been hecktic the past couple of months but I am making it through this long process and keeping my snaity..
    What raelly sux is the fact that My Grandmah on my fathers side is slipping right through my fingers and I can't reach here... The month she came down here I knew there was something wrong with her but didn't Pin point it till just recently.. The dreams started after she left and I knew then that she was dying. She has cancer and has been in the hospital for a month and man that hurts.. She is all the way in another state and I am here like 2000 Miles from her when I feel I need to be there careing for her, then on the other hand I can't as I always say my son comes first and always has and will.. But being away from her and her not being able to see him daily is killing me inside..

    This lil boy is her life just as well as it is mine (mine more but she is the grandmah) and he can't see her she can't touch him.. thinking about all this is making me wanna write again which is good cuz when I do Ima going straight to a recording studio and sing it out loud.. bout time I do that.. lol

    ehhh Well I am outta here and all like going to bed kids have school in the AM (what the hell its already the am lmao) and I gotta get up in about 5 hours..



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