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Katie (kahtahti) wrote,
@ 2003-10-07 14:10:00
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    Current mood:crazy
    Current music:hmm whatever i feel like!

    my hotness
    Yea didn't get a chance to update yesterday.. so i will now! YAY! yesterday was a fun day. well kinda. the morning sucked but oh well its all over now no worries. it was mainly doing PSAT prep and a project for english III. bjorn and i had lunch together again, and he sprayed my body splash stuff from like 6th grade all over his face then tasted it! thats was some interesting times... i went and finally found a steering wheel cover at target yesterday and it took me like an hour to get it on!! ahhh good times. my momma also left for the beach today and is gonna be gone like a week.

    Came to niki's house again a little later after that hotness trip. we chilled for awhile and then headed over to kevin's house and chilled with him, brandon, and mac. that was quite humorous. yea according to them though i have lost my touch in braking so niki was trying to push my leg down on the brake after we went around in circles over and over and over again. but oh well, i guess i just won't take them for rides anymore!! since they are gonna make fun of me! lol.

    Came back to niki's house again and we burned her the michelle branch cd. we also played this harlem shakedown game thing outside. ::rolls up pants and ties shoes tightly to feet::. yea that was going pretty interesting and then niki stepped on her own foot! while we were outside, i looked down at my phone and it was like rainbow colors and niki said that my black and white cat SKITTLES was calling me! yea niki and i decided that brandon is not the brightest crayon in the box and that he needs to go install his night light so he can see all the bright colors to use when he opens it!! hehe we love you brandon!! ::snaps fingers::

    well thats mainly all that happend yesterday.. there were some good times, yes there were. well i best be goin now before i get yelled at by niki again. yes she can be very violent. toodles for now.. Kt

    oh yea, brandon and i also decided that i suck at telling jokes and that i need to stick to all my funny quotes online.... :)

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