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Katie (kahtahti) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 20:51:00
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    Current mood:tired
    Current music:hmmm 149 mix.. most of course!

    today was a pretty good day... MY MOMMY"S BIRTHDAY! woo-hoo! good times. woke up and made her breakfast and gave her her birthday present. went off to school and had a NAHS business breakfast meeting... woo. i guess the school day went pretty well. not mentioning any names or anything, but a friend of mine was in a car accident yesterday and even though i don't have many details on it, i still would love it if you kept her in your prayers! thanks much!

    great news! i finally started to understand CSS in HTML! im so excited.. meredith and i have been struggling with that since we looked at our newest project monday. good thing were smart and can use our resources! GO US GO! hehe meredith. i guess thats pretty much all that happend at school.

    afterschool i of course went to niki's! before that though.. i came home to get her the rest of the cookies i made because she was complaining about how i told her i would bring her some and still haven't! i know i know.. ::bad kt::. but then i ended up not even giving them to her cause we ended up not going over to kevins house today and i had left them in the car and i guess she didn't care enough to go back out to the car and get them!! ::cries::

    as usual, niki and i laughed.. and cried.. ya know what we always do! makin jokes that no one would understand! butta knifz saves livez!!!!!!!!!! haha omg niki that was SOOOOOOOOOOOO great! NIKI BOAT! woah buddy! too funny.. at least i was there for you niki when you needed to ask brandon what macs last name was! whew. good times. oh yea, and it was great when you came down to my special floor spot for when your in the bathroom! isn't it comfortable?! i know i know.. i just pick the best spots! well this is all i got for ya now! don't feel like typin to much more and i can't think about anything else that anyone might at least semi care about! hehe much love

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