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Deanna (kahluacutie2414) wrote,
@ 2003-06-27 00:13:00
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    Current music:New found Glory-Hit or miss

    Happy Deathday!
    Your name:Leogirl114
    You will die on:Saturday, March 18, 2028
    You will die of:Stabbing
    Created by Quill

    Last night was a very intersting night.. Ive actually accomplished staying up ALL night..Me danny and megan where on the phone till about like 6 in the morning.. We talked about all kinds of stuff.. Me and megan had an argument for like about 3 hours.. Danny and i were on the same side.. and WE WON.. sorry megan.. every sign was totally against u..I was very surprised we were all very hyper.. We finially got off at like 6 bc megans dad told her to get off the phone.. I feel asleep for like 30 minutes at the most.. then woke up and hung around the house for a lil while.. then i went down to Christines house and we hung out for a while.. it was cool because i hadn't hung out wit her in a while...I left there around 5... Then i got ready and went to Town Tavern at around 7 with megan.. We had alot of fun.. I think we entertained Garrett..He looked really bored at first.. but we talked to him for a while so its ok.. We were there till like 11... we stalled eatting are food for so long.. i think are waitress got a lil mad at us.. but its ok.. i dont really care what she thinks, as long as garrett didnt get in a lil pissed bc we didnt get to do what we wanted... but its ok bc we would have gotten caught.. so i guess it was a lil better.. welll im gonna go.. meggies on the phone..bye

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