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So who are you? (kaen) wrote,
@ 2005-03-02 22:34:00
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    "Sometimes, it's not the journey. It's the destination."

    I <3 Sex and the City. That show is just plain fabulous.

    Not much to say... It's been almost a month since I last updated. We have 37 days of school left. We dress up on Fridays now, because we're lucky, and I got new shoes for a skirt I own and have no shoes to wear in winter with it/pink clothes. So now I'll tell everyone I love them, and shock them since most of them (probably) think I am pretty modest.

    I need to study for a few quizzes.

    I told someone about the newest love of my life. She knows his name and how I feel at the moment... Maybe. Why do I like him? He's my total opposite... Someone I shouldn't be watching. Why do I feel this way? It makes me feel like a total dork.... Especially when I want to pet him when he seems asleep.

    Damn my girlish feelings.

    Well.... We had a snow day yesterday, I am wearing new socks, and I reallyreallyreally like Constantine from American Idol. Never watched the show before, but I was really sick... Last week, to the point where I hardly moved some days, so I watched what the family watched, because I didn't feel like moving. It was then I fell for Constantine. And Nikko, because of Nikko's clothes. Then I found out Nikko could sing. Constantine was just... himself. That's why I fell.

    Sister told me earlier when we went to get our brother that I am going to have lots of husbands. I have claimed many men to be my husband in the future. Constantine was claimed today, Gerard Butler a month or two ago, Jude Law once upon a time (it seems now), maybe Harrison Ford when I was little. I'm sure there are more, but those four stand out.

    I should be a Mormon. Or hope for the 'zsa zsa zsu' that Carrie (from SATC) speaks of, so I can truly find that guy to marry. **hopes he's perfect**

    Well........ Adios!

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