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Kelly (kadiesgrace) wrote,
@ 2005-03-23 17:44:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:IT's A Great day to be alive.

    Today has been awesome
    Hey Hey Hey all. WHAT'S UP? not to much here been a great day today. I got to spend sometime talking to lance on the phone a while today. We also were talking our future. Seems cool. And I can't wait.. but at the same time I can. Anyhoo. SO yeah I called the Daycare Center today. I have an interview tomorrow at 4:30. Im excited. LOL i forgot to put my phone number on the application. lol He was like im so glad you called back. Well been just chillin around the house today. Going to be washing clothes soon and working on somethings... :-) ..... Hope everyone is having a great day. I will write back a little later....
    love you all..
    love kadie...

    Lance- Hope you have a good nap and sleep sweetly. I love you and Im thinking about you. I am so happy that you are my boyfriend. I am the luckiest chicka on earth. Dont let the bugs bite. I will bite them back.. LOve you soooo soosososo much. Yes ok, you still love me more, but I miss you more.... @---->-----

    Kristi- HEy hope you had a good day.. call me sometime tonight. I cant do anything tonight but maybe we can chill tomorrow night. Love ya chicka oh and IM going to look up prices lol... bye chicka

    Becky- Hey gurl haven't heard from you in a while hope everything is ok. I miss ya and hope we can hang soon..... stay sweet...

    Hello to everyone else. I love you guys too... bye

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