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Alisia Russell (justxemo) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 19:01:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:cardigans- my favorite game

    so today.
    so today i felt like i need to down photoshop. should i? or should i waste space on my computor?. Very bored today, nothing to possibly do. Only watch movies. Watching movies make me feel like no worries. I'm in an other place. My dad thinks I'm crazy because I want a pentagram necklace. He's all like "the devil will have your soul". Ugh. Listening to shit like that wants to make me puke. I have a feeling I'm losing some friends. Its a possiblity.

    YUP! thats right. Tomorrow getting a hair cut 1 inch. Can't wait, I've been wanting my hair cut for awhile now. I use to have my hair long but had the feeling to cut it because it got on my nerves. So I found out this girl/or boy? was faking my pics. I told her to use their own pics but I'm not lending them my pics out and letting them fake it and get away with it. It feel weird getting your pics faked. But at least I made my salute to prove I'm not fake. BOO-YAH!.

    I remember a conversation me and my friend had aboput abortions(sp). I found out I'm the kind of person that I dont know for sure. Then talked to vanessa (kick ass raver). I think she's a raver, it confuses me. She finally got a boyfriend(their a cute couple). Ryan and Vanessa. I try not to get in their relationship to much.

    I seem to have cravings for emo and trance music often. I need to down this radio thingy over. So I can listen to trance and industrial music again. I miss my industrial music *sad face*. Can't wait to get it back. I been writing alot of poetry. But I seem to SUCK. So it doesnt matter.
    Thats the story of my weekend :)

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