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Alisia Russell (justxemo) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 18:26:00
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    Current mood: sympathetic
    Current music:social distortion- ball and chain

    emotional taste in music
    last night i tried talking to andy. didnt answer me so i went off and cut myself again. then talked to ryan on the phone, he made me feel a little better about myself. i was on the phone till 10-4 am on the phone last night. i cried all day yesterday, but not when i was on the phone. i rented a movie STRANGELAND. Its coo, i might get the soundtrack. IT HAS COAL CHAMBER ON IT <3. Coal chambers a awesome band. I need to make a new layout for my journal. Im trying to go to the mall so I can meet ryan there. He's coo, I havent seen brandon in like a month *sad face*. So i might get a haircut tomorrow. I'm getting it cut 1 inch. Ryan thinks I shouldnt dye it because its good the way it is. I want my hair spiked up like Brody on the distillers. and have it Blue or Green. THAT WOULD KICK ASS!. I might see Twiztid in bloomington. But knowing my chances I might not. I seen Ontavious and Allan(sp?) at the Edge. I was like OMFG. Then I tried calling amanda last night. They were like "call her tomorrow to see whats wrong with her" i was like...omg..she's mad at me. anywayz..... how was your summer? just wondering... an awesome summer? crazy summer? boring? just curious =]

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