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Justawoman (justawoman) wrote,
@ 2004-12-13 05:45:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:KMUL 103.1

    I do love and appreciate my friends. Here lately they have been making me feel really stupid. I know they want to see our Jess succeed in fulfilling her dreams. That is why they send information about culinary schools and email with well meaning tidbits of information. Do they really think we have waited this close to graduation before researching into this? Do they think we don't talk through possible scenarios for her to achieve her dreams? Right now I want to scream at them and tell them to stop. Not only are they bombarding me but I am sure Jess is tired of her phone ringing with questions and advice, " have you decided where you want to go?', " go here", " you ought to do it this way". I know it is all overwhelming to me how many times Papaw phones. He alone is driving us nuts. He wants her to live in Tennesse because the school is free, IF SHE GETS ACCEPTED. But the down side is she has too meet all of her living expenses and how in the hell could we get to her fast if she needed us. I wish he would shut up about Tennessee. The women in our lives, on the otherhand, are the ones that keep calling and emailing about this school here or what they would do and have we done anything yet. Jeez enough already. The more they push their agenda onto my daughter the more she will want to do something else just because it will seem like it was their idea and not hers. That is her personality and I can't seem to make Mamaw understand that. I just want Jess to be happy with her choice and be able to be successful at whatever choice she makes. I don't mind researching and finding the information for her but the ulitmate decision is hers. It won't be my life to live but hers. Plus I don't understand why Papaw has to phone everyone that he has possibly found her a school that will pay her to attend. He called our oldest daughter to brag about this. Jen was like, " and I care why? Shouldn't you be telling this to Jess Papaw?" He calls my spouse, his son, to brag," I found your daughter this terrific school..................... yada yada". Mr. B said he told his Dad," Dad I don't care if the school is in Timbuktoo. Jess needs to do what she knows is right for her. Quit calling and telling me about this school. If you want her to have the info send it and if you can't get the info then shutup." We are all tired of Mr. B's parents, in particular, calling with their well meaning advice and questions. It is as if they are bound and determine that one of their grandchildren will do what they want. Plus it angers me that his Mother offered to help pay for Jessica's school when she didn't offer our oldest daughter that option. I want them to stay out of it period before she makes Jen and Jess resent each other. They have always made Jess seem more important than our other daughters. I know my other girls have commented on it and yes they are already resentful. I see a war brewing and I hope it is one we can avoid. I doubt it though. Mamaw has already said she won't help pay for a major 4 year univeristy. She didn't have to say who this comment was directed at. Our third daughter is wanting to go to TCU. Well hey, I guess Jamie won't get any help either from Mamaw.

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