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Maybe i don't wanna be like you... (justavisual) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 15:04:00
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    Current mood:complacent
    Current music:Lightyear-They Left Today

    Your starter for ten...
    So the question is, is it a bad idea to concentrate so fully on making one relationship perfect that you sacrifice the others? Something i'm a bit of an expert on and i'd have to say in a word yes. I knew it would be like when he left i knew since January seven months ago, but instead of maybe cooling down a bit with him an concentrating of some of my other friends i did the exact opposite i tried to cement our bond further in the hope that maybe he wouldn't go or more likely that when he'd come back he'd still remember me, well as it looks like neither of those will happen i am going to have to take some kind of direct action. I mean it isn't like i have no friends dammit i have plenty, i have ok true only a few i'm really close to but i can go to a gig and quite happily chat to different people every night and i usually know at least one person in every band playing. But i don't know somethings missing, a proper crew one i can go down the Krazyhouse or Le Bateau's on a friday night with one's i can go shopping in town with who'll spend equal amounts of time on clothes and CD's i dunno maybe i'm selfish i mean i do have a crew and they're lovely people i dunno i'd just like maybe one with more shared interests (i.e. the lads in France) But i dunno i miss the kind of bond i had with Sophia, yer know the proper best friends who's a girl kind, but it was my choice i chose him and now i have to live with it, right?

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