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Homeroom Totes (junkies_village) wrote,
@ 2003-04-14 16:15:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music:no doubt- running

    hes going away..
    yah well like everyone i had no school today. didnt do anything cause im not feeling too good, i think i have a virus or somthing. its ever since i had that pina colada last night i havent been feeling too good i dont no what the fuck it could be though. went to mottas last nite, pretty amusing, other than that nothing great has been going on with me.
    i went to take my passport and medicare pictures today, and i wanted to barf on myself. those pictures come out soo bad!!! and then i went to the clsc and almost got in a fight with an old lady that works there cause she wanted 2 ids with my picture and i dont have any cause i lost them all.. fuckin bitch she smelled like soup, and had all the roots of her hair showing!!
    anyways other than that i didnt do anything but watch i am sam the hole day and sleep, i fuckin wanna go shopping. but i have to wait until wednesday :| my mommy is getting me out of school to go shopping.. yay! i fuckin love her. hopefully they have the guess pants by then and i finaly find those adidas that i want.
    school tomorow..the only thing i have to look forward is tomorow at lunch, a new ice cream place that opened and we could go there instead of staying in the smelly pizza place that i always come out smelling like food and cigarettes. by the way the castle opened now, and they sort of redecorated the place and painted the outside brown :s and inside there is still the mix of fruits and penguins and the polar bear fountain. (never got the concept of that thing)
    im gonna go watch brown sugar now

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