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Homeroom Totes (junkies_village) wrote,
@ 2003-03-23 14:08:00
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    Current mood:bitchy
    Current music:massive attack - butterfly caught

    lets say goodbye, the hundreth time and then tomorow we'll do it again
    yah im back from my brunch this morning with my family and my nonna and nonno for their aniversary. the food was good, and the place had amazing washrooms they were so pretty.. and the handicap washroom had a fuckin hallway to get to the toilet i loved it! i almost got in a fight with two girls there stupid bitchs, they were all private school perky with the long hair and tits and ass hanging out when their with their family. they looked like the girl with the black hair in the ring. anyways they kept looking at me and franki weird, so then we decided to look at them with the bitch faces and then wen they were walking nere me i "accidently" pushed my litte sister in them hahah the ugly face they pulled was priceless.
    anyways im not gonna do much today, its sunday and there isnt anything to do. the weather is good, i wanna go out for coffee tonight just like that not with alot of people i dont no why. i dont want to stay in this hell hole in which i call my home. i need a change in enviorment lately. im getting crowded where ever i go with anyone. i dont no why. its weird. and then i have school tomorow, i would rather shoot myself in the fuckin foot then go there. and i have to start my public speaking aawww i dont want to do it. and then i have ethics second tomorow fuckin asshole i hate him, were learning about buddhas and shit like that. its pretty cool but my teacher seems to have a certain way of taking the fun out of it and beeting it with a stick. schools gonna be over soon i cant wait! yay! this summer better be good. good news my bday is coming in the summer and thats the only thing that i have to look forward to right now in this moment. im gonna have a toga party this year, and then were sleeping outside in a tent again cause last year was amazing. and i wanna go to laser quest so ill try to shove it all in one night or somthing. ah who knows by birthday is in june i have a shit load of time to see what to do so i wont bother thinking about it now. another good thing to look forward to SUMMER SHOPPING!
    urban came out with nice things lately but the thing is they look cheap and as if their gonna break as soon as you wear them, who cares their still pretty and im still gonna find myself bying them. and they changed the place around its a mess now, the clothes on the basement floor are mixed with the home stuff, it took me literaly 15 minutes to find my braclets yesturday cause it was soo fucked up and the shoes are nere the cash now. to contiue my fashion report i would like to say that Buffalo has a nice summer collection (nice skirts). Guess has nice things their not that bad, they have nice casual/go out for supper clothes. BCBG has the prettiest dress in the window if u pass by look at it, its white with black poka dots its sooo pretty to wear those with red or black stiletto heals. omg i want to have a party where i could wear that
    ok i think i rote enough.
    byebye :)

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