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Carina (junkie_stars) wrote,
@ 2003-11-17 18:30:00
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    Current mood:lazy
    Current music:blink 182

    Pretty on the inside

    Exchange students came today...I completly forgot about them!A few of my friends have students, they are from Belgium, mmm...Lindt...tasty've made friends with a girl called Morrgan and Amialie..Morrgan is with Sophie and Amialie is with Hannah.Stephen Coats exchange student is sooo hot, I dont know his name.He is tall,a skater,long sorta loose curly hair,and sooo hot!!Stephen is'nt that bad either..and his wasnt that bad..I can sorta speak french, wha hey!A few people think I look like Morrgan but she is soooo pretty...she is very beautiful,real beauty,Im nothing like her!Im just surfing the net and downloading some Blink 182..I'll admit,I have a small love for them,and they are sooo hot.Their poor drummer,Travis*amazing name..Im naming my second son that..if I ever do*never gets a mention,like most drummers, also drummers tend to be the first to die..John.B from Led Zeppelin,Keith Moon from the Who,best drummers ever.Anyway..hoepfully my parents will fuck off and do some shopping,so I can have the house all to myself.Oh yeah..Kathryn was sitting beside Thomas Turner,a very shy but lovely guy in my year,and he told her that he thinks he is gay.I mean,he is very young to be thinking that,and he must feel so confussed,and also his parents are real strong christians,kathryn told him to talk to me,I have a few gay friends.I love them,they are great to talk to,way nicer than straight guys,and also they are great shopping and its just so cool.Andrew is BI,and its great!! P.O.D-Youth of the nation. I love this song,it just speaks out to me.

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