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Juni (juni_chan) wrote,
@ 2003-04-03 15:52:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Stuck In America - Sugarcult

    Entry No.8
    Oh My God!

    I had a good day!!!! *laughs* see i told you i wasn't an angsty teenager didn't i!!! I had a great day, ok so i got into school late, but that's only coz i lost my keys and had to make sure my mother didn't go out!! Otherwise i'd be looked out when i got home which is NEVER good. Anyway i got to English about 15 minutes late, not that Mr Lyndsy Addy actually cares he he.. but you know. Anyway my english class consists of six girls and our teacher for first lesson is male. Ah man he gets so embaressed (esp when we were doing Antony and Cleopatra and all we talked about was sex) and we was talking about why William Blake made the tiger lick the girls bosom!! *laughs* sorry we were being immature today. Even Eng Lit last lesson with Ms Pettingale (also known as Miss Fuckinggale) went well. Had a great laugh in all of them and it was allll goood. *beams*

    Rock Lunch Time was a success again. (w00t!) thanks to Me, Judith, Richard, Tuell and Oliver. Even played the theme song from Chobits!! *laughs* got everyone dancing. There was only one case of annoyance when someone unplugged the stereo. Stupid fuckers who cant appreciate decent music, oh and the Linkin Park thing. Now i like Linkin Park, i dislike those girls who think that they are the utter-alternative chicks coz they listen to Linkin Park and Nickleback... i mean come on NICKLEBACK SUUUUUCK!!! meh.. i hate people like that... But you know its just how they are and i cant change that!! ha ha ha... Tuell is my new best friend since Ghalib deserted us (MEH GHALIB YOU EBIL BOY!!! he hehe) ah he knows i love him really!!!

    Note:: Must by Stawberries so we can play.. how many ways can you eat a Strawberry seductively? he hehe....

    Annnyway... *beams* i'm in a great mood today. NOTHING IS BRINGING ME DOWN *glee*

    Keep Smiling, Junixxxxxxxxxxx

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