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Juni (juni_chan) wrote,
@ 2003-04-02 12:02:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Gainsville Rock City- Less Than Jake

    Entry No.6
    Am at home from school today, you'd think i'd say Joy but i actually feel bad about not going in. When i am at home and it's not purposefully i miss my friends... I wanna go in and see them but i don't feel to good.. I should have got up this morning and ignored my headache and gone to school. It's only mid-day so you know i'll have another section of this up this evening. If i have anything to talk about that is!!

    Meh, so i got another threatening txt from Dave last night, i kinda didn't know what to do. I'm pretty stressed out the moment you know, i have coursework due and a fic to write and school to attend and a stalker to wel.. ignore... but it's so hard. And i have the biggest exams of my life in about 2 months and in my mocks i got a C and an E... i was one mark off a B for Eng Lit so the C doesnt bother me too much but an E in Media Studies... I shouldn't be getting that!!! I'm good at Media Studies!!! I shouldn't be getting a C and an E i sh ould be getting two B's lowest... dammit im gonna start studying.... and I'm gonna get my coursework done.

    Was touched by Brandon's a4 name "Juni's_Hideki" Bless him, he changed it to that and i wasn't even in a4 chat! Can't help but wonder what went on now... and what he was saying!! Holidays start next week, i'm gonna go into school everyday, which is unusual for me lately.. but i hate school so much now. I only go in to hang out with my friends. Since our big exams are coming up we hardly see each other out of school anymore. Must save up money for James' visit in two weeks, have approxamately £20.. and i may need more.. for lunch and travel... >.< meh.

    Oh yeah and i'd just like to state that PAULI YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! (so now it is law that Ein Rawks, and Pauli is the best and Ghalib is the uber-dude ^^) he he he he.... Yes Ghalib hun, You are the Uber-dude!!! Oh and Tony *smiles* thank you for always being there for me *hugs* you rawk too :).

    juni xxxxx

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