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Captain Katie (julytigerlily) wrote,
@ 2003-05-05 08:21:00
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    Current mood:calm
    Current music:SGR - 21 and Nowhere

    Good Riddance
    Freshman year is currently hanging on to existence by a strand of merely 3 finals.

    I have trudged to classes in conditions equal to those faced by contenders in the Iditarod dog sled race, I have risked my life crossing Patteson Drive, and I have survived on lunchmeat, apples, granola bars, and bottled water.

    I saw 311 on the plaza and a cockroach swimming in a toilet in Armstrong Hall.
    I read Harry Potter books in the Mountainlair and The DA in psychology class.
    I was taught by some extremely interesting professors and surrounded by some extremely dim-witted college students.
    My English teacher told me she'd have wonderful things to say about me in a recommendation and a guy offering me beer told me I was cute.
    I know campus like the back of my hand and that the large intestine has 5 different layers.

    Most of my memories pertaining to the past 8 months or so have been filtered away, leaving nothing but thoughts of the recent sunshine, concert fun, jogging, endorphin-releasing chocolate bunnies, and end-of-the-semester cheer!!! :) My little chunk of college life has been separated into phases, and now, of course, the one at the top of my mind is the wonderful one I'm currently enjoying. Everything else seems so far away... which is really nice because, overall, the year was pretty rough. Winter seemed to taunt me, that damn 5 o'clock kick boxing class, while fun, made the days WAY too long, and the classes I had to take to fulfill cluster credits were yucky. Up until the time when my sanity made me ditch KB class and warm weather came to miraculously rescue me from all my problems (it literally felt that way), I was feeling a bit dragged down.

    But the beautiful reality is that IT'S OVER. Not to mention the glorious, seemingly too good to be true--but quite true--fact that I NEVER HAVE TO TAKE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE, MATH CLASS, OR SCIENCE CLASS EVER AGAIN! Just that simple change in routine makes me feel like I've sprouted wings and am flying to a new level of life with all previous stresses far below and out of sight! I do have to take "mathy" type things like accounting and statistics... but they're things I should know, and they seem more down to earth or something. They're not in their own, separate world like math is; they actually seem human :) I also have to take "sciency" type things like social psych. and anthropology... but those are insanely interesting; they're more humanities and thought oriented than biological or chemical or any of that miserable stuff--and definitely NO MORE LABS!!!!!!!!!!!!! *GASP* I LOATHE labs, you do not understand. Ahem, anyway, I finally feel like I'm stepping onto MY path in life and am escaping from all the dangers of outside evils. I feel like I'm about to make my directorial debut; it's really exciting, I just hope it works out well, heh. Luckily I can eeeeease slowly and pleasantly into it...

    But enough of THAT, bleck, my brain does not care to use up energy thinking about such things at the moment, and for damn good reason!! It feels like there's a heavy, wet blanket stuck inside it; it deserves to just kick back and shut down all functions other than those involved in the happy processes of excitement, giddiness, enjoyment, and the like. ALL that matters right now is that CLASSES ARE OVER, it's SPRING, and SUMMER is straight ahead. Almost 4 lovely months of it; and after the uh, experiences of last summer and the past 2 semesters, I am ready and in major need of some SUPER, CRAZY FUN AND ADVENTURE! And THAT, my friends, is another story with a new, fantastic mindset. Can you smell the sunscreen???? Weee!

    MAN this band was good. This song brings me sunshiiiiine on a cloudy day; when it's cold outside, I've got the month of May. But it IS May!! And it's going to be 80 degrees on Saturday!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D!!!

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