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Julia (julezjournal) wrote,
@ 2003-07-26 22:44:00
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    Current mood: moody
    Current music:fetisha-Orgy

    Hey...i havent wrote for a few days. Heres what happend...
    x cleaned all day
    x smoked with lauren
    x eric steve bob jonathan came over
    x went to burger king
    x chilled at my house with jonathan
    x got into a big fight with my dad...i fucking hate* him.

    x went over chuds house with jonathan and bob
    x looked for drugs all day.
    x went to the "ressi" with jonathan bob chud and stacey
    x chilled at jonathans with bob chud stacey melissa and joelle
    x hung out over Bills house with jonathan chud bob and stacey
    x got really drunk/high. : )
    x puked like a mad man in the uni mart parking lot. lol. Jon had to hold back my hair and i puked on his shoes! lol sorry about that.
    x came home and passed out.

    x went over Jonathans house
    x smoked with him bob melissa and joelle
    x left around 6:30.
    x couldnt go out at all.

    Today was fun...but i was kind of mad how my mom picked me up. Because i havent really seen him alone for so long. I was all like "yay!" when bob left because i can actually see him...but it was only for 20 min. *growl*
    I hope i get to actually see him tomorrow...that would be nice.

    Yeah i spoke to pete earlier...i dont know what is up with him. He sounded so pist off...for what reason i dont know. Weird. He usually tells me these things? It seems like we have grown apart. : ( Who knows maybe we didnt...and im just acting like a retard.

    Me and Jamie havent really been talking lately. Why is that? Everytime she is online she never ims me. I think she may be mad at me...who knows though. It could be my fault ...i havent really called her. But then again she hasnt called me either. *hmph* I just dont know.

    Wellz, I guess thats all. I will write soonly. : )
    xoxo Julie *muahz!*

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