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bada dum dum da dum da dum (julepo) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 11:54:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:loungesounds

    Updating hehe...
    Hello!! Right now, at the very moment, I am in the lounge. It is 5th period. I am very bored, and I am avoiding bio reading. So yeah. I am excited about our gig, actually i am more than excited... its all i think about, seriously. Today in spanish we were talking about el romance del Conde Arnandos and all I kept doing was thinking about "the ballad of Alone Together." Hehe.. and then i looked at irina and was like wow!!! We are actually going somewhere.

    Ok some news:
    - IRINA has a GUITAR entitled STELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!
    - ABBY is going to get a guitar which will be entitled..... CATATONIC SEXTOY.just kidding
    - CINTHYA will get a drum kit entitled albert-- which she will "play"
    -actually im not sure about any of this...
    - anyways.
    -a sad thought-- Abby we did not make a happy birthday tribute to the one and oNLY JULIAN CASABLANCAS. You have made one for fab, albert and matt, but JULES?
    - another weird thing-- They sent me another fan club package.
    - and yet another weird thing-- we have a "vodoo" curse placed on our house (aka two hockey sticks and a aboriginal face mask left at our door)

    Band stuff
    -We need to practice. I think tomorrow at tuesday. Im sorry, but im sort of freaking out. Uknow how i do.
    - Ok now watch ill press update and gay blurty will not save this thing.

    - Oh yeah, on sat, when we had a party i told people about our band, and they asked me what it was called, and so i told them it was called Deli Style, and they were like wow! I've never heard something like that before, and also i told them the story, and they were like that will be a cool story to tell when your famous. Ok so i like deli style.

    Ok well that is it... its bio time.

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