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Meg C (jukeboxmonkey06) wrote,
@ 2004-03-19 23:39:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:Silence and Sobs- my own little tune

    ba ba black sheep...are you all just fools?
    We are a nation of... sheep.



    The youth of our nation pack together, following each other with the same mindless mantra repeating through their desolate skulls. They strive to look like...

    The person standing next to them.

    and the one behind, and the next one, and so on. replacable drones of consumer-hypnosis. Copying is supposedly the highest form of compliment. But why are there carbon-copy peelouts of the same sheep?

    anyone who thinks is cast aside, out of the herd. they seem to think this is some kind of punishment. Being among them is more torturous.

    I was contemplating this as i noticed all the people judge me as i was... being myself tonite. i was out with a friend, who almost seemed embarrased by the fact that i was... being myself. I was kinda sad. All of a sudden, I was alone. I thought this person was someone who didnt really care, but now maybe i was wrong. It hurts that maybe he's superficial like the rest of them. Is there a single person on this earth who DOESNT CARE how someone looks, and can actually love them for their personality? apparently not.

    I know that i'm not at a loss for not getting to know people who prejudge me. Sheep are sheep. But i wonder what the world would be like if the stupid ones weren't in charge?

    And more things are going on with my emotions than I can deal with. I feel like I'm close to tears. Why can't my heart break over something that is worth breaking over?

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