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'Elle (juicynlusciouz) wrote,
@ 2005-03-19 20:31:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    What it is hoe
    Well today was loooonnggg so I woke up and I took me a shower n got ready n then went out with the parentals... cuz they was gonna take me shopping.. n spend theyre money on me.. *heck yess* but they had 2 stop by at sum furniture store first cuz they wanna get a new bedroom set.. and well the one they wanted was completely sold out.. oh and by the way this guy that works there was HOT .. whoa.. lol he wasnt the one helping us but he came n sat with us while my dad was making sum fone calls n my mom sed sumden about mice n he goes "mice liek meow?!" n i gave him this look like he's stupid n i go"fool dats cats" n he goes.. "o yeaa sorry man im bored" n i was like "yea I would be too if I worked here" n he was like "gurl ur ass would be asleep" *sigh* he talked 2 me lol but anyway.. so we had 2 go to another location so they can buy the floor sample from there.. n it was by memorial city mall so I went to that mall instead which is okay cuz I LOVE IT but while we were at the other furniture store the lady who was helpin us was from Iran n my dad told her that when sum1 asks her where shes from to say shes from "the 713" lol.. i taught him that.. but anyway.. afterwards i went 2 da mall and I bought a belt n sum jeans from bui yah kah n then I HAD 2 go 2 XXI cuz dat place is the poo!! and it was so weird I saw Laurens mom there n we were talkin n she goes go get lauren from teh dressing room then Lauren pops outtta nowhere n she was like WHOA everyone is here today?! n she sed she saw dominique lol n then there was a buncha lebanese ppl my mom knew there i was like.. damn wut is this lil lebanon?! so then I found this dress n Lauren thought it was hot n I tried it on n on my way 2 da dressing room i saw Dominique AKA dom da bomb n i sed hi 2 her n the dress lookes hot so i bought it!! n then we went 2 da food court.. n on our way rthere we saw michelle *another lebanese lol* but we didnt get 2 say hi.. that gurl is so funny shes like HARDCORE lebanese.. its great.. Lauren got her potato n i got sum fries cuz we fatasses lol n we chilled at da foodcourt for a while and then I had 2 leave cuz I was runnin late .. so I got me sum shoes 2 match the dress n den stopped by at walmart n got home at 10 n I go upstairs n look at my fone n I had 2 missed calls from thsi random phone number.. so I calle dback n this gurl asnwers n shes like "oh is this joelle?" n i go "yes!" n shes like santiago called u hang on i'll get him... n im like WHOAA ... can u say RANDOM?!? anyway me n him talked for a while.. n I just couldnt believe wha the was sayying lol.. seriously.. .. it was a good conversation...n now Im here talkin 2 my lele cuz she in Ohio.. soo yuh.. LATER BITCHES!

    Southern Hustla1: thats something you spring on a girl when you call her out of nowhere
    Southern Hustla1: JOELLE I LOVE YOU
    SOjuicyNlusciouz: lmao
    Southern Hustla1: LETS MAKE BABIES ONE DAY
    Southern Hustla1: AND WE'LL GROW OLD
    SOjuicyNlusciouz: haha
    -I kno Elie.. dats wut Im saying.. but its all good as long as hes being AN JAD!! W MA AM BIKAZEB??..MAHEK?

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